I Dead Lifted More Than My Weight!

Last night, I went at it again. CrossFit session number two with my cheer ladies of Zodiac.

Of course this was after an hour of my private tumbling class and an hour of my team cheerleading practice. Talk about a killer night of working out! At least this time I didn’t feel like I was going to die at the end of it. We started with some running, obviously my favourite part. And I think that shows when people say, “how come the shortest girl on the team is the fastest?” It makes me smile. And run harder.

The next part kills me. Arms. Ask me to do push ups and I will drop down and give you 50. Ask me to do bar swings, reverse wall walk ups, burps, and over head presses and my muscles will scream at me and make me feel like a wimp. It hurts so bad. But it does feel SO good. Kelly Ripa arms, I’m coming for you!

For the overhead presses I had 5 lb weights on each end of the bar. It made me feel like a weakling to not be able to handle the 10lb weights on either end of the bar. That was until I finished and I was told I was actually lifting 35 lbs above my head because the bar weighed 25 lbs. Ahhh-may-zing! I put a third of my body weight over my head. For me, this is a big triumph!

Next up, dead lifts.

Whenever I see someone doing these I think, “My god! That is too much weight for one person to handle!” Until I walked over and realized that those massive weights were only 10 lbs each. Thank goodness because I was about to cry and embarrass myself tragically. Lucky for me, they felt so light. I just kept doing as I was told and adding more and more weights to the bar. When my instructor told me I was done she also mentioned, “… and you lifted 95 lbs!” I weigh 90 lbs. I just freakin’ dead lifted more than I weigh! Yea, that happened.

Some other girls on my team were lifting 145 lbs, let’s just keep in mind that they are a foot taller and use their arms to lift girls over their heads. Me– I’m all about legs!

CrossFit is an awesome way to build strength but as a flyer my stretching training has to increase to ensure that I’m maintaining my flexibility.

If your new to CrossFit, Jess over at Blonde Ponytail has some awesome tips for CrossFit Beginners. Read them HERE!

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Do you CrossFit? 

Do you prefer to workout your arms or legs? 

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