WIAW: Not Pumping Enough Iron.

I have been feeling exhausted lately. As in, it’s Friday night and I would accidentally fall asleep at 7pm on the couch (or the floor) and be OK with that…

Heat, ice, and sleep. #Normallll

That’s a problem. So, I went for my annual physical check up and I did what felt like every test under the sun. That is a huge exaggeration but it really felt that way. My test results came back on a huge sheet that looked like a university exam and– I passed! But with one minor problem. Your iron levels should be at 11-145 and even then, apparently my doc says that 11 is VERY low. What did I score? A 16.


No wonder at time I look like I just ran my first half marathon and it’s actually the middle of the afternoon and I’m sitting at my desk:

Inaugural Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon
So, to keep myself from having more humiliating pictures like the one above, my doctor prescribed kale, spinach, and iron pills. Since kale and spinach are already part of my diet, I have to take iron pills:
Note: The iron pills do NOT go in my smoothies! 😉
Warning: Get ready for some TMI. 
I was told that iron pills can cause constipation and you shouldn’t eat dairy within 2 hours of taking the pills. Also, you take them without food. So, I take them before bed. This way, if it causes my stomach to hurt, I won’t feel it. I’m on day 3 of taking my little iron tablets and I’m feeling great so far! 
I’ve even added my greens into my smoothies! That’s right, I took your suggestions and out KALE and SPINACH in my fruit smoothies. And I couldn’t even taste it! SO yummy! 
Daily Smoothie! 
So what have I been eating today to pump up my iron?
You  might be saying, “Sio?! What is in your nuun tube?” Well. Sometimes I forget to take my multivitamin, 3-6-9, vitamin D, and cranberry pills after my oatmeal. So, I carry extras in my purse for the days I forget! It’s genius really. 
And that’s WIAW! 

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