Harry’s Spring Run Off Recap

Last year I ran my first short distance race at Harry’s Spring Run Off 2011 and because I loved it so much I did it again this year! 

Last year, Jorge was a spectator. He said that since he plays soccer, running is just boring to him. Fair enough. But with enough convincing, dad was running his first race ever. The Harry’s Spring Run Off 5K. Mum took some convincing to get her to train to run her 5K faster than she did last year. What’s a race without a PR? Says my competitive side. I rubbed off on her because she convinced her friend Lenore and her sister Ida to run the 5K with her.  
Yours truly, Lenore, Ida, Mumsy, and Brenda
My mum’s friend Brenda showed up to be a cheerleader! and, I think I have convinced her to sign up to do the 5K next year. I don’t know how I convince people to run but I LOVE it! 
I started at the 8K. Since I sprained my tendons last year I have to admit that I have been playing it careful. I’ve been running but not running too hard on them. I knew that making a PR at Harry Rosen was going to be hard because I ran last years in a 41:02. The hills are actually RIDICULOUS in this race. Not to scare anyone though because it is a BEAUTIFUL race. But that last 400 meters for both the 5K and the 8K is a HUGE steep hill. You actually think you are running in slow motion at the end because your legs just don’t feel like they are going to survive that hill. But in true Siobhan fashion, as soon as I got up that hill, I sprinted the last  meters past the finish. I think it’s because I sprint so hard at this point I never have a really pretty finish line smile picture. Those last few seconds just make so much difference to me. That’s how you know I’m competitive! 
I told myself if I finished under 45:00, I was going to be happy. And if I don’t beat my PR, I better have a meme worthy race picture. We will see if any photos float around on the internet, or when my inbox fills up with race day photos. I will keep you posted. I finished in 43:14.9. I’m a happy girl. I’m just SO happy that my feet survived and didn’t completely die the next day at a 3 hour, 3 more practices until Worlds cheerleading practice. It was a hard one. Blisters, bruises, swelling, and achyness. I was an exhausted beaut yesterday.  
So how’d Jorge and Mumsy do?
Mumsy beat her time last year!! YEA, MUM! Last year she did it in 43:14 and this year she did it in 41:59. So proud! 
And Jorge? He finished in 26:41 making him THIRD in his AGE CATEGORY!! Look at that huge medal he won from Canada Running Series! His first race EVER. Obviously he is a Kenyan and found his new career. I think he has the running bug and wants to come in first next year. Overall Masters list? My dream:
I’m SO happy to finally be running races again after having to give away my bibs to both my Midsummer Night’s 30K and the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon. 
It feels SO GOOD to just RUN for FUN.
Keep posted for those fun race photos. I’m sure they’re going to be beauties! If not, a great laugh I’m sure. I seem to NEVER disappoint with those! 


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