I want to share my latest love with you.Thanks to Kimberly at nuun, I have fallen absolutely head over heels for these little electrolytes: 

What is nuun? 
nuun is a flavourful tab that you drop into your 16oz water bottle and in 2 minutes you are ready to go with your liquid awesome. I actually bring nuun EVERYWHERE. To cheerleading, the gym and even relaxing in my living room: 

These little tablets even came with me to Punta Cana because they are the perfect hydration for morning tennis games, preventing from turning into a california raisin from the sun, and of course, they are perfect for curing the dreaded hangover. And the best part? They are SUGAR FREE! 

As much as we are told to drink water all day long, your body needs sodium that you just don’t get in plain water.  When I workout, I get SWEATY and loose A LOT of sodium. In a cool climate, the average person looses 1 cup of water for every hour during a moderate workout. When you loose sodium from sweating and you drink a lot of plain water, your bloodstream becomes diluted and your sodium and potassium levels drop. 

The problem= sodium is essential for your cells to function perfectly and help with the electrical signals in our bodies. 

The solution= fall in love with nuun

Here’s how: 
Thanks to Kimberly at nuun, you can win your very own nuun water bottle and 4 different flavoured tubes of nuun tablets! 

All you have to do is… 

Post a comment on what nuun flavour you want to try from all the flavours at www.nuun.com (this one is mandatory!)
Second Entry: Follow my blog HERE
Third Entry: Tweet “@SiobhanMcCarthy is having an I HEART @ministryofnuun GIVEAWAY!” 
Fourth Entry: Like nuun on facebook and tell them I sent you HERE
Fifth Entry: Like me on facebook HERE 
(my likes on fb are pretty sad and it will make me happy if you do!) 

**For every entry option post a separate comment. That way you get more entries and more chances of winning! 

The  HEART NUUN GIVEAWAY will close onTuesday February 21st, 2012 at 11:59pm EST and the winner will be announced on Wednesday February 22nd, 2012 by using random.org. 

Good luck friends! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

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