Friday’s Confession: Oprah

Today’s confession is all about the big O. It seems like everyone loves Oprah and is sad to see her off the television. In all honesty, I was never an Oprah lover. I don’t think I have ever sat through an entire Oprah episode. But when I heard she ran a full marathon, I was all into her story. Oprah ran a full marathon in 4:29:15 at the Marine Corps Marathon in 1994. And this picture just makes me smile:

If Oprah did run a marathon, so can I, right? It’s really not in my cards right now and I will stick to my goal of a 30K this year but one day I just might do the whole thing. Here’s the Runner’s World inspirational article on this high-waisted running shorts lady:

I love that Oprah can inspire so many people. If you google “Oprah Marathon” you will find that a lot of people are saying, “If Oprah can sub-4:30 a marathon, so can I!” I love it. Oprah now has some points in my books.

Happy Friday Friends!

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