MuscleCare Product Review

Julie sent me Dr. Oswald’s Professional Therapy MuscleCare Extra-Strength Roll-On Gel product to try and I was obviously excited to receive a package in the mail!

The first thing to spark my interest was that MuscleCare pain reliever is an all natural, carcinogen free product. I am all for natural products that aren’t going to harm your body!

Here are some facts on MuscleCare:
  • MuscleCare was launched by Dr. Chris Oswald from Toronto in February 2010
  • Only product on the market proven: natural, safe, fast-acting, and carcinogen and paraben-fee
  • Provides long-lasting relief from pain, both acute and chronic muscle injury strains/spasm, and joint arthritis
  • Clinically and scientifically proven to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasm with no side effects
  • Provides the fastest pain relief compared to national brands
  • Ingredients promote tissue healing and enhances circulation
  • Highly absorbable: contains no wax or petroleum products that can interfere with absorption

 I took my MuscleCare Extra-Strength Roll-On Gel out on a date when I hit the t-mill to give it a try:

My knee has been giving me problems so I decided that would be the best place to try out the product. I love that I didn’t have to use my hands and the product just rolls right on and doesn’t have a sticky feel. I’m also a fan that the product is stain-free. Because no one likes stains like the ones deodorant gives your favourite black shirt!
Within 5 minutes I could feel the MuscleCare working and I couldn’t feel any pain during my 7 K hill workout. I like how deep the product seeped through all the layers of my skin to reach my knee joint and that the menthol scent isn’t too overwhelming!
I will be keeping this little guy in my gym bag from now on. I love how it’s small and compact. It fits so well in the pocket of my gym bag and I can even carry it around in my purse just in case I need it!
If you want to learn more about MuscleCare you can visit Dr. Oswald’s website: 

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